Circle bridge

Today's destination was the lovely city of Amersfoort, about an hour away, by car. 

We often pass Amersfoort when we take the train to Amsterdam and every time we go past it, I see Koppelpoort and make a mental note that one day I want to go there. Well, today was the day!

We started off going to "Die Spens", a South African shop that sells all kinds of food from sunny South Africa. We bought all my favourites, including Ouma rusks, droëwors, biltong and Oros. Some of you might have to Google these, but believe me when I say, they are worth sitting on the highway in traffic for!

Leroy found this app, Parkmobile, on his phone and we signed up, trying to get cheap parking in Amersfoort. The app took us to a parking garage right outside the city centre and it only cost us 3.50 euro. Well worth getting.

We spent the day walking around I took some photos. My favourite is the chandelier we found under a bridge. It must be so romantic sitting in a little boat under the bridge at night, sipping a glass of wine. Better add that to my to-do list!

Lovely city and we will definitely visit again.


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