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It is autumn in The Netherlands and it has been raining for weeks!

Every now and then we have a few hours of sunshine and I try to make use of these little opportunities as best I can...

Today we had a few hours of sunshine and decided not to travel too far away from home, so we went to the Dierenpark Taman Indonesia, just outside Steenwijk.

From the outside, the little zoo looks average but once you pass through the doors, you get a glimpse of Indonesia. There are statues and strange food I've never heard of and won't even try to pronounce.

Through the doors and we entered a huge enclosure with interesting birds. I spotted an iguana on a banana tree and it just sat there waiting for me to take a photo as I tried to wipe the condensation of my lens.

Outside were more enclosures with interesting animals and birds. The squirrels were running around like their little lives depended on it, so it was impossible to get a photo of them.

There was an enclosure with two little otters. The one otter ran in and out of her pot, getting more leaves for her nest. The other otter, which I assume was the male, found a little pebble and was throwing it around and playing with it in the water, not bothered with the housekeeping at all.

What a lovely day out! Enjoy the photos!



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