Another amazing outing! 

Today we visited the Pasiflorahoeve butterfly farm in Harskamp, The Netherlands.

As soon as you walk into the greenhouses, you notice the damp and heat.  Once I stopped commenting on that, I noticed the thousands of butterflies flying around. So many different types and colours. They landed on us a few times too!

My favourite were the blue ones and I ran around for a long time trying to get a photo of one, but they close their wings as soon as they land and the underside of their wings are brown and not that flattering at all. Finally one sat on Leroy's shoulder and I got a photo.

The most beautiful flowers grew all over the place too!

What a wonderful place to visit!

The infamous blue butterfly on Leroy




  • Leroy Pienaar

    on July 13, 2019

    Was erg gezellig, en fotos zijn goed gelukt. helemaal de blauwe!